Chettinad Chicken (Madras Chicken Curry with Shallots and Cashews) - KARMA NUTS

Chettinad Chicken (Madras Chicken Curry with Shallots and Cashews)

We've been working with our friends at Maya Kaimal foods, and absolutely love cooking with their products! We paired our savory Karma Nuts Golden Turmeric Wrapped Cashews with their Madras Curry for an easy weeknight dinner! Feel free to sub out the chicken for tofu or other protein of your choice.

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Cashew Energy Balls - KARMA NUTS

Cashew Energy Balls

Thanks to our friend Divya Bhatia @india_in_my_pan, we have a delicious (and easy!) recipe for these sweet treat energy balls packed with the natural goodness from nuts. Divya said "I personally prefer Karma Nuts’ Cashews in the recipe because of the quality, wholesomeness & freshness of their cashews."

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Shahi Mushroom Cashew Curry - KARMA NUTS

Shahi Mushroom Cashew Curry

Our friend Junilayi from @rochester_to_mumbai created an amazingly delicious savory dish for us all to try out! She explains "I recently tried the cashews from Karma Nuts to make Shahi Mushroom. Shahi Mushroom is a dish rich in cashews and cream, its our variation of Shahi Mushroom for our vegan friends."

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green goodness smoothie karma nuts raw jumbo cashews recipe

Green Goodness Smoothie

Credit to Jui Kulkarni / @whenchaitmet_biskit Juicing up breakfast is Jui's favorite hobby😄 She made creamy 'Green goodness' smoothie with spinach, cashews, apple and an over ripe banana. We love that she subbed avocado with Karma Nuts Raw Jumbo Cashews to get the thick creamy texture. Perfect for a warm spring day!

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