Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate

We know it's getting warmer out there, but who doesn't love a cozy mug of hot chocolate? We use our Karma Nuts Raw Jumbo Cashews to keep ours dairy-free and use cinnamon and cayenne to give it a little kick to create our favorite Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate. 

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Chocolate Cashew Zucchini Bread

This delicious chocolate cashew zucchini bread is a health(ier) treat that is packed full of flavor! In adding Karma Nuts Raw Cashew solids (the ground cashews left after making cashew milk) we're able to swap out some of the butters and oils for healthier fats, sneak some healthy veggies in, and deliver a fluffy and moist bread that will make you say "wow!"

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March 16, 2018

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Creamy Cashew Green Smoothie Bowl

Give your mornings an extra boost with our easy and delicious raw green smoothie made with protein-rich Karma Raw Jumbo Cashews.

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Crunchy Cashew Pie with Coconut Oat Crust

Crunchy Karma Nuts Wrapped Cashews give this decadent pie a twist to an old classic. We swapped in our nutrient-dense Karma Wrapped Cashews for pecans, and instead of a normal shortening-and-flour heavy crust we used oats and flaked coconut for a crispy touch with natural fiber.

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Cozy Turmeric Cashew Milk

We've paired the amazing anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric with our creamy cashews, honey, black pepper, and immune-boosting ginger to give you the ultimate powerhouse drink. Vegan milk at its best. 



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Zesty Cashew Cheese

This raw, vegan cashew cheese is incredibly versatile! Here at Karma, we've used it in tacos, as a veggie dip, and on top of our salads for an extra burst of flavor. We love how the creamy cashews blend with the peppers, and know that this gluten-free recipe will be a hit! 

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Chipotle Crunch Cashew Snack Mix

Perfect for any get-together, our sweet and salty Chipotle Crunch Cashew Snack Mix is a great addition to any party and a snap to make. Add a bit of cayenne pepper to give it a kick or leave as-is to add whole grains and healthy fats to your spread! 

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