Quinoa Crunch Bowl - KARMA NUTS

Quinoa Crunch Bowl

Excited to share this recipe from our fan Christie (@veggiechristie) - check our her recipe below for the ultimate crunchy, creamy, and delicious healthy meal using your favorite Karma Nuts cashews. 

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Cinnamon Cashew Carrot Loaf - KARMA NUTS

Cinnamon Cashew Carrot Loaf

"This cinnamon cashew carrot loaf is so moist,  sweet, and incredibly delicious. It's as good as the classic version but with less sugar. Just a perfect protein treat to satisfy your sweet tooth."

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Spicy Cashew Snack Mix - KARMA NUTS

Spicy Cashew Snack Mix

This spicy snack mix from @lifeiskrafty is perfect for those summer road trips (or movie night on the sofa!) 

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Coconut Laddo - KARMA NUTS

Coconut Laddo

Today's recipe comes from our friend @sravani.chinni.18062, who makes these delicious sweet 'n' salty delights for festive occasions - or just for a fun treat for the family! 

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