Spicy Cashew Snack Mix - KARMA NUTS

Spicy Cashew Snack Mix

This spicy snack mix from @lifeiskrafty is perfect for those summer road trips (or movie night on the sofa!) 

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Coconut Laddo - KARMA NUTS

Coconut Laddo

Today's recipe comes from our friend @sravani.chinni.18062, who makes these delicious sweet 'n' salty delights for festive occasions - or just for a fun treat for the family! 

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Honey Cashew Tofu - KARMA NUTS

Honey Cashew Tofu

Our friend @foodfrenzybyariba created the most delicious, savory, sweet 'n' salty dish that is perfect for any night! She says "Crispy tofu tossed in a super flavorful sweet sauce with bell peppers and toasted cashews. This Asian style Honey Cashew Tofu will be your new favorite way to eat tofu!"

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Mango Ginger Cashew Smoothie - KARMA NUTS

Mango Ginger Cashew Smoothie

Creamy, delicious, and tropical smoothie to load up on your vitamins & minerals in just a few minutes!

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