Cashew Energy Balls

Thanks to our friend Divya Bhatia @india_in_my_pan, we have a delicious (and easy!) recipe for these sweet treat energy balls packed with the natural goodness from nuts. Divya said "I personally prefer Karma Nuts’ Cashews in the recipe because of the quality, wholesomeness & freshness of their cashews." Enjoy!

Preparation Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 10 mins

Total time : 20 mins

Servings: ~ 15-20 Energy Balls/Ladoos (depends on the size)

Course: Sweet


  • 1 tbsp ghee/Clarified butter
  • 1 cup seedless dates 
  • ¼ cup pistachios
  • ¼ cup cashews
  • ½ tsp cardamom powder(Optional)
  • ¼ cup almonds


 In a blender take 1 cup of seedless dates and dry blend coarsely & keep them aside.

  1. Finely chop cashews, pistachios and almonds 
  2. In a pan, add a tbsp of clarified butter (Ghee) & then add all chopped nuts (cashews, pistachios and almonds).
  3. Saute them on medium flame for 3-4 minutes. Now, add coarsely blended dates.
  4. Again, keep sautéing the mixture (on medium flame) smashing dates with a spatula. We have to make sure the dates mix uniformly with other dry fruits and  soon the dates will start releasing its oil.
  5. Turn off the flame and allow the mixture to cool for a minute or two.
  6. Don’t cool it completely, start shaping the mixture in round shape.


To be noted:

  • While chopping the nuts, Dont make too small or powder them, you wont get that crunchiness.
  • You may also sprinkle cardomn powder to the mixture, it enhances the tastes.
  • Store these Energy balls in airtight container.

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