Recipes — Wrapped Cashews

Coconut Laddo - KARMA NUTS

Coconut Laddo

Today's recipe comes from our friend @sravani.chinni.18062, who makes these delicious sweet 'n' salty delights for festive occasions - or just for a fun treat for the family! 

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Mango Ginger Cashew Smoothie - KARMA NUTS

Mango Ginger Cashew Smoothie

Creamy, delicious, and tropical smoothie to load up on your vitamins & minerals in just a few minutes!

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Keto-and-Vegan-Friendly Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies - KARMA NUTS

Keto-and-Vegan-Friendly Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes it's hard to curb those cookie cravings, especially while trying to stay keto. We've paired up with some great friends to show you how to create a delicious home-baked cookie that is high in fiber and keeps you on track.  Okara flour from Renewal Mills, a new 1-1 baking blend from Whole Earth, Bake Believe's keto friendly chocolate chips, vegan "butter" from Melt Organics and Karma Nuts' own Wrapped® sea salt cashews make baking keto a snap! 

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Kaju Curry (Cashew Curry) - KARMA NUTS

Kaju Curry (Cashew Curry)

Kaju Curry is a deliciously creamy, rich, royal and festive curry preparation. Our friend Ameya from @goodfood.diaries put together this delicious recipe using Karma Nuts Cashews and we can't wait to have it every week! 

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