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Zesty Cashew Cheese - KARMA NUTS

Zesty Cashew Cheese

This raw, vegan cashew cheese is incredibly versatile! Here at Karma, we've used it in tacos, as a veggie dip, and on top of our salads for an extra burst of flavor. We love how the creamy cashews blend with the peppers, and know that this gluten-free recipe will be a hit! 

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Chipotle Crunch Cashew Snack Mix - KARMA NUTS

Chipotle Crunch Cashew Snack Mix

Perfect for any get-together, our sweet and salty Chipotle Crunch Cashew Snack Mix is a great addition to any party and a snap to make. Add a bit of cayenne pepper to give it a kick or leave as-is to add whole grains and healthy fats to your spread! 

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