Gluten-Free Living Magazine goes nuts for "ultraflavorful" cashews from Karma!

Gluten-Free Living Magazine, the most authoritative voice in the market since 1995 featured Karma Nuts in their June/July 2016 edition:

Gluten_Free Living Magazine: Nuts over Karma

We'll admit it: We're nuts for these ultraflavorful cashews from Karma. Roasted and left in their skins, they're more crunchy and savory than your average cashew. Stick with the plain or be bold and opt for flavors like lime, cinnamon or coconut.

About Gluten-Free Living Magazine: 

As the most authoritative voice in the market since 1995, Gluten-Free Living provides 150,000 readers the most trusted and reliable information about the gluten-free diet and lifestyle.

Gluten-Free Living has a medical advisory board made up of physicians who are experts in treating those with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Many are also cutting-edge researchers. The dietitian advisory board is made up of registered dietitians who specialize in the gluten-free diet.

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