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Lightly Salted Wrapped® Cashews

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Our Lightly Salted Wrapped cashews include their natural skin. Keeping the skin increases the crunch, elevates the flavor, and enhances nutrition.Lightly sprinkled with sea salt, it's a soul-satisfying experience.

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Ingredients: Cashews, Sea Salt

Allergens: We process all of our products in a dedicated facility that only handles Tree Nuts (Cashews & Coconuts)
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Why you'll love these

"ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE!!! I immediately went and purchased these right after watching a *Healthy Happy Vegan* video on YT where Ryan and Anji discovered these cashews at the 'NatPro Expo West 2018'. They were love at first bite!!! I got the 'LightlySalted Wrapped' ones and they are perfect...they have exactly the right amount of salt to taste delicious!!! I LOVE them so much I have just gone and ordered another three containers. They taste fresh, crunchy, and are the BEST cashews I've ever tasted!!!"


"Don't be afraid - cashew lovers are in for a treat with this treat! A little extra Crunch with lots of extra flavor. Does not get caught in teeth or throats but adds something different to snacking.Lightlysalted, these would be amazing on a charcuterie board with meat & cheese."

Holly L

"Karma wrapped cashews are fantastic. I'm hooked and have tried several of the flavors. My favorites are theLightlySalted and Cinnamon [just the right amount of sweet]. The 'wrapped' part just means they have their natural skins still on them, kind of like a pistachio or peanut does sometimes. Leaving on the skins gives them a more interesting texture ... and also makes them better for you because the skins provide antioxidants which is nice."

Matt M