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Cocoa Dusted Wrapped® Cashews

These cashews are more than just a snack - they're a healthier way to indulge your chocolate cravings. Our Cocoa Dusted Wrapped Cashews are air-roasted with their natural skin for a perfect crunch, offering a guilt-free, chocolatey treat.

Natural Skin = 2x the fiber & anti-oxidative activity comparable to blueberries

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Welcome to a world of healthy indulgence with our Cocoa Dusted Wrapped Cashews. Unlike other chocolate-covered cashews which contain 15g of sugar, our cashews offer only 160 calories and a mere 6g of sugar. Air-roasted without oil and lightly dusted with real cocoa, they offer a taste that's as delightful as it is unexpected. But the indulgence doesn't stop at the taste. With their natural skin on, these cashews are a nutritional powerhouse, offering six essential minerals and antioxidant activity that rivals blueberries. They're also:

  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher,

making them a versatile choice for any dietary preference. Our customers love the satisfying crunch and the perfect balance of cocoa. Try our Cocoa Dusted Wrapped Cashews today and discover a new, healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth and your chocolate cravings.

What are Wrapped Cashews?

Our Wrapped® Cashews retain their natural skins, delivering 2x the fiber, antioxidant profile similar to that of blueberries, and an added crunch like none other.

Karma cashews have numerous benefits making them one of the healthiest snacks:

  • Great source of protein
  • Rich in healthy fats
  • 2X the fiber of traditional cashews
  • Antioxidative activity comparable to blueberries
  • Good source of 6 essential minerals

Additionally, when you choose Karma Cashews, you're making a conscious choice to support ethical labor practices and spread goodness.

Cashews, Organic Rice Syrup, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Sea Salt, Vanilla Extract

We process all of our products in a dedicated facility that only handles Tree Nuts (Cashews & Coconuts)

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