Celebrate National Nut Month in October! KARMA Wrapped Cashews: The "It" Nut of National Nut Month


One of the Four Noble Nuts, Wrapped™ Cashews are Rich in Flavor and Deliciously Nutritious


Dublin, CA (September 30, 2014) -- Whether you eat them as a snack, toss them in a salad or add them to a stir fry, one thing’s certain: KARMA™ WRAPPED™ CASHEWS are destined to be the IT nut during National Nut Month in October.

Wrapped™ Cashews are one of the most exciting products to be introduced to the snack food category AND, the natural snack food category, in quite a while. In fact, The Natural Product Awards recognized it as the “Best New Snack Item” with their “2014 New Product Award.” 

Wrapped™ Cashews have the taste and healthful benefits compared to regular (skinless) cashews PLUS double the fiber, and much more naturally occurring polyphenols that are reported to reduce oxidative stress and may help prevent chronic diseases. And, with the skin left on, the result is a more intense, nutty and flavorful taste experience – perfect for snacking and ideal to use in cooking.  

KARMA is a new company that markets the Wrapped™ Cashew, made utilizing an innovative, proprietary technique for processing the nuts so they retain their natural skin. The company is passionate about healthy living and committed to bringing great tasting, high quality, natural nut products to the world. 

 “We believe that goodness comes full circle,” says Ganesh Nair, President of KARMA Nuts. “At KARMA, we strive to put our heart into everything we do, embracing a ‘pay it forward’ philosophy and encouraging living a ‘KARMA’ Life. That’s why we source only the highest quality cashews, and search the world to do so. Our Wrapped™ Cashew is not only a highly nutritious snack, it’s a deliciously unique taste experience.”

Cashews are high in Copper and Manganese, and a good source of gluten-free protein, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Vitamin K, Zinc and Iron. In addition, cashew nuts contain less total fat than many other popular nuts, including peanuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios and walnuts.  

Classified as one of four “noble” nuts (the others are walnuts, pistachios, almonds), the cashew originated in Brazil and made its way to India in the sixteenth century by way of Portuguese soldiers. Ironically, cashews are seemingly under marketed even though they have equal (if not higher in some cases) nutritional value and health benefits than the other noble nuts. 

KARMA’s initial line of nut products, including their exclusive Wrapped™ Cashews, Roasted Cashews, and Raw Jumbo Cashews, draws from over 80 years of experience in sourcing, processing and distribution of cashews. It took them over a decade to research and perfect the proprietary processing method they use for the Wrapped™ Cashews. 

By selling high quality nut products, KARMA is determined to foster healthy and fulfilling lifestyle choices. Their “pay it forward” mentality is part of their company culture and their line of nut products. With this in mind, they created their company motto: Do Good. Eat Good. Feel Good.™ What a great way to enjoy National Nut Month and life!

KARMA’s entire line of healthy nut products are packaged in 10-ounce jars and are sold in a variety of natural, health food and specialty stores, as well as online on their website. For more information, contact info@karmanuts.com or visit www.karmanuts.com.