KARMA Wins GOLD MEDAL and Declared U.S.A. Taste Champion by Chefs In America

The American Masters of Taste judging panel agreed, in a triple blind taste test, that “KARMA has produced a product line of all natural cashews that have a crisp, fresh taste. They have paid careful attention to offer a truly unique product, a cashew dry roasted still in a crispy wrap with light sea salt. This is a fantastic new presentation for a nut meat that will excite the marketplace.”

Chefs In America wholeheartedly endorses KARMA Nuts and is proud to name them a U.S.A. Taste Champion.

The American Masters of Taste is a food & beverage judging organization made up of 7,500 Chefs and Masters of Taste. Their full time occupation (for 25 years) is selecting superior tasting products in world markets to recommend to taste professionals and ultimately to consumers. The American Masters of Taste conducts all taste panel judgings for Chefs In America.