14 Healthy Airplane Snacks for Kids - KARMA Seasoned Cashews


July 11, 2017 by Amelia Winslow

Traveling by plane is a true luxury, as it allows us to practically beam ourselves to far off places in only a matter of hours. But the food choices in airports (and on the road) can be pretty bad, especially when you’re traveling with kids who may not be as flexible with what they’re willing to eat.

Whenever we travel I bring along two bags of healthy snacks and treats, one (with some fresh foods) in my carry on for the trip there, and one in my suitcase for the trip back (non-perishables only). Before we fly home, I shop for a few fresh foods to supplement the non-perishables I already have. Planning ahead like this means I can spend more of our last day enjoying myself as opposed to shopping for the trip home or relying on snacks from the airport newsstand.

Below are some of the airplane snacks we brought along on our recent vacation to the East Coast. These provide a variety of nutrients and tastes, to help keep your kids (and you!) nourished and entertained throughout the trip.


If you’ve never tried WRAPPED cashews, I highly recommend them! KARMA cashews come in all kinds of flavors – but any seasoned nuts are a hit with my kids.